Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Complaints about Jacob Clark

My complaint about Mr. Jacob H Clark

Although, ultimately, you will need to make up your own mind about Mr. Jacob H Clark, I have a number of things to say that you may find useful. It isn't important whether you agree with every detail that I intend to present. What matters is that you begin to realize that you should not ask, "To what lengths will Jacob go to worsen an already unstable situation?", but rather, "Why can't he value a diversity of approaches without needing to rank them as better and worse?". The latter question is the better one to ask because I recently informed him that his flunkies pit the haves against the have-nots. Jacob said he'd "look further into the matter." Well, not too much further. After all, his apparatchiks have tried repeatedly to assure me that he will eventually tire of his plan to lead us, lemminglike, over the precipice of self-destruction and will then step aside and let us make this world a kinder, gentler place. When that will happen is unclear—probably sometime between "don't hold your breath" and "beware of flying pigs".

While Jacob has a right to his opinion, he coins polysyllabic neologisms to make his fairy tales sound like they're actually important. In fact, his treatises are filled to the brim with words that have yet to appear in any accepted dictionary. He is like a broken record, using the same tired cliches about family and education and safer streets, yet his cringers remain largely silent when asked about the correlative connecting him to scapegoatism. The rare times they do deign to comment they invariably skew the issue to prevent people from realizing that if you've read this far then you probably either agree with me or are on the way to agreeing with me.

Jacob should start developing the parts of his brain that have been impaired by authoritarianism. At least then he'll stop trying to make the pot of solecism overboil and scald the whole world. I admit that I'm not perfect. I admit that I may have been a bit stingy when I stated that Jacob is a bit teched. Still, that doesn't justify the name-calling, rudeness, and simple ugliness that Jacob invariably finds so necessary. Nor does it justify his challenging all I stand for. That's all I have to say. Thanks for letting me express my feelings.

This is of course a Joke...and the website used is the following: http://www.pakin.org/complaint/

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