Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank you Yankees!

To: The New York Yankees

As a lifelong Yankees fan and proud Virginia Tech alum, I wanted to say thank you for your gesture yesterday in visiting Blacksburg. The Yankees have no connection to Virginia Tech and yet you reached out anyway. For this I say thank you. I had the hint of tears the entire time as it caused me to reflect on the events of last year and at the same time it made me smile as I was watching my Hokies play my Yankees.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Quick n' Dirty...

Yeah...VT...way to take out the ' we gotta keep it respectable like against UNC manana and I think we are dancing.

JC's ole girl cori hits the big three-oh today...welcome to the club. Dinner on U-street and 80's (?) dancin' after at the black cat. Drinking rum n' cokes right now to calm the nerves.

M comes home tomorrow, she'll probably arrive right in the middle of the hoops game. My buddy C (UNC fan) is at the game, 9 rows up, behind the team benches on the left.

Ramble much? Yes. Thank you.

Gonna watch this weeks Lost tomorrow, in HD as I'll be in front of the plasma for once!

If anything exciting happens, maybe I'll write about it.

Oh...the yanks come to VT on Tuesday. M didn't get a ticket so I'm gonna check that out online I two favorite teams in the world, on the same field. Damn. I hate the reason they are coming, but cool regardless.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Studying for LEED and March Madness

I started studying for my LEED certification in earnest this week. I had reviewed a few items prior to this week and had started taking some notes on the different points a few weeks ago...but my study session w/ Jacob was on Thursday and I didn't want to be totally unprepared. Oh...LEED is a standard used for Green Building in the US and around the world. It brings together all aspects of a building in generating each buildings rating. In my area, all of the local school districts and public buildings must be built to obtain some level of LEED certification.

Anyway, back to the studying...Jacob and I met at Stacy's Coffee Parlor in Falls Church around 6:30 and stuck around until about 9:45 which was only about 45 minutes passed closing time. I enjoyed 3 or so bottomless cups of coffee in that time and had a pretty tasty chicken salad wrap for dinner. Getting the LEED AP (accredited professional) certification is important for my career and I get to add more letters after my name. Jacob and another co-worker of his have a bet on who will pass the exam first. I need serious motivation for studying and decided to join in on that bet. The first to pass between Jacob and I gets a free happy hour on the other. He had better hope it doesn't go like our games of golf or pool because he will definitely be buying the drinks!!! Is it a sucker bet? I sure hope so...

Who would have thought that one year after losing 3 very productive senior ballers the VT hoops team would be in serious position to make the dance again this year? Not me, that is for sure...I was hoping for a .500 record so that the youngsters could possibly get some NIT heck with the NIT, I want the dance and hopefully they can pull another one out tomorrow afternoon against Clemson. No matter what happens now, VT is guaranteed a first round bye in the ACC tourney next week as they can not finish worse than tomorrow and they get the 3 seed. Four years ago when VT joined the ACC nobody, and I mean nobody, would have thought that in 3 of the 4 years VT would finish in the top four. Especially based on the previous 10 years (or so) of terrible basketball (Thanks a lot Hussey and Stokes!). When I started at VT my freshman year the football team wins the Sugar Bowl and the basketball team was in the top 25 and found their way into the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney to lose to the eventual champion Kentucky...I thought it would be more of the same during the rest of my time in Blacksburg...well, as the football team continued to roll along, the hoops team...not so much. Until SG arrived, the team had 1 winning season after the 95-96 season and that was a whopping 16-15 or something (I don't feel like looking it up) and against the AWESOME BABY A-10 competition...OK...I've rambled long enough...

Jacob, you'd better get off the phone and do your landscape plan, or better yet, copy more notes, cause I'm gonna be on top of the WE section next Wednesday/Thursday!