Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

Why is it that when something decides to go wrong with something, everything else wants to go wrong at the same time? If you could just take the time to worry about the first problem and get it resolved prior to the next problem rearing its ugly head, things would be much more efficient. I guess it is what makes life fun.

I have a project at work that a previous engineer screwed up royally. We thought the project was finished however, only to have it pop up again this week with some critical path stuff that we have to take care of ASAP...OK, fine. Now, another project, same engineer, different problem, also critical path with a million dollar change order. Add all of this to the projects I should be working on and this will be a fun ending to the month.

Just as an update, obviously I did not win the lottery last weekend. I wouldn't be writing about work if I had.

Here's to hoping the Hokies can make it 3 in a row tonite. I'll be flipping between the basketball game and the debate. I'm not sure why I am so interested in the debates, but I am. I know who I'm voting for...and I know who is going to win the nomination. I should focus the election energy on the real debates between the final candidates. Oh...and another thing - Damn you Nader, why stick your nose in? I'm not against a third candidate per se, but you won't win, and you will only take votes from a side that desperately needs them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Will I win the Lotto tonite?

Seriously...probably not. But what if...

Ok enough of that dreaming. Why do I like Mountain Dew so much?

and WHY would Cleveland trade for Ben Wallace? Thank you Cleveland! Not that Drew Gooden or Larry Hughes are great, but it will work out better for the Bulls in the long run.

To continue my basketball thoughts...will VT beat GT on Saturday? I sure hope so...it will make the last 3 games all the more interesting.

And finally...for today...what should I do with my "Tax" rebate? The answer is...use it for our trip to London this summer. I've got to get the money from somewhere. Thanks Uncle Sam for continuing to think that an economy can be based entirely on consumerism and to continue forcing or asking people to keep spending to keep the economy afloat...if we americans actually produced anything anymore (and yes i know we still produce some stuff) instead of buying it all from India and China...perhaps the economy would stay afloat. And yes, I know it isn't that simple.