Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fishing? Technically...

Six of us went to Gatewood Park this weekend and rented up a couple john boats for about $5 each and went fishing. It should be called drowning worms and getting a sun burn. Our boat lost 6-0 in terms of fish caught. Of course it was me and 2 girls against 2 guys and 1 girl. I had to keep the boat in position (no anchor) and wasn't able to fish as much as was necessary. But, it was fun and that is all that really matters.

The night before we went to a fish fry put on by the local Ruritan club. $7 for all-u-can eat fried whitefish, fries, slaw, tea or lemonade, and dessert. Damn good stuff. We then proceeded with Charlie and Lisa to Floyd for Contra, not "up, down, up, down, b, a, start, start" Contra, but a version of country line dancing. People of all types were there, beginners, experts, hippies, young, old, hot, ugly...I also say that it was fun. Michelle loved it which means that we will be going again.

I think I've settled on a new TV for the Condo in the Burg, but I have to make sure it will fit in the bedroom at home when Vet School ends. Note to self, measure the dresser. Nothing too exciting occurring here right now. Very busy at work and a very busy weekend coming up. A 5K Saturday morning...followed by a trip to Philly for a party, followed by a trip back home and then on to the Nats game on Sunday afternoon.

I watched the show "greensburg" on the planet green channel...observations: the greensburg town council has no clue, the greensburg football team sucks (homecoming called at half time? losing 70-12? fugh.) and they need to get the show moving to the new building of the decimated town. The background crap got old is time to see some plans coming to fruition.

OK, until the mood strikes again...cheers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it time for lunch yet?

The simple answer is no. 30 minutes to go.

I went to the Obama rally last week at the Nissan Pavilion. It was interesting as I have never been all that into politics or to an event like that. Some people yell at everything that is said, some, like me, clap along when something you agree with is said, and some just observe. Nothing wrong with any of the above I guess. Tim Kaine, the VA governor spoke first about 15 minutes before 6. Promptly at 6, Obama and Jim Webb, a senator from VA, came on stage. I was expecting the event to start late, but it did not, which was a pleasant surprise. Webb spoke for 10 minutes or so prior to turning it over to Obama who spoke for I would say nearly 40 minutes. Overall, a good night, and what I believe a step in the process of changing the course of the country. This was after all, a black man, coming to VA, to kick off his general election campaign. VA is a state that hasn't voted for a blue president since 1964...most presidential nominees don't even bother to visit, and here was Obama starting off here.

I played softball last night, drank too much beer after, and now feel a little slow today. But, we won the game and I had a good time.

I should be meeting up with Jacob tonight to study LEED. We need to crank this up. It is high time to take this exam and pass. I learned this week that I probably have tickets to the VT vs. Nebraska game, so I now need to find some airfare. I should be doing work right now, but am terribly unmotivated to do so. This week I will telecommute again for the first time since late April as I will be driving to BBurg to visit Michelle. Got to love gas prices these days right?

This past weekend we nailed down where we will be spending portions of our trip to the UK in August. After the wedding ends, we will head to Edinburgh for 2 nights. From Edinburgh we will catch an early train to St. Andrews and spend the day there. After our day in St. Andrews we will catch the sleeper train back to London for one final day around town before heading home. The first 3 days of the trip will also be set in London. Overall, I think a good first trip to Europe.