Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paris Hilton? Seriously?

I was unaware that Paris Hilton and B-Spears were accomplished lawyers that graduated from Harvard and had worked their way up the political ladder. Did you know this? mean they are just celebrities? So that means that Barack Obama is like them because he is popular? Give me a break McCain. Is this the best you've got? Lets stick to the subjects at hand...and you point one of those out...offshore drilling. Again, don't let facts get in the way McCain...if drilling started today, and I'm willing to forget the environmental aspects of this for this note, not one drop of oil would be around for 7-10 years according to the oil companies. So, please explain to me how this is supposed to help gas prices? Don't worry America...we will keep doing the status quo and in 7-10 years your gas will go down in price 5 cents a gallon! are right McCain lets drill today!
We can make a lot of progress on alt. fuels in 7-10 years, lets focus on that thank you very much.
And to your second point McCain (you aren't worthy of having both names used right now...) about raising taxes, it seems that according to analysis done by the Brookings Institute, while you and Obama have differing ideas on taxes, both of your plans actually lower taxes. So again, stop trying to scare the dimwits you covet and stick to the facts. Douche.