Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happenings...or lack thereof

What a quick Memorial Day weekend! Where is 2008 going? It has moved along so rapidly.

We went camping in the Grayson Highlands State Park which is near the North Carolina and Tennessee border in SW Va. We arrived around 6 on Friday evening after waiting for probably 20 minutes at the park entrance to check in. Upon arriving at our campsite we quickly got the tent in place, our picnic tent up and the dinner fired up. After dinner we struggled for an hour or more to keep our fire going. The logs refused to light. We used kindling, lighter fluid, kindling and lighter fluid...nothing would keep these logs burning. On Saturday we drove about 15 minutes to the Whitetop Station of the VA Creeper trail. Unknown to us, this trail goes about 18 miles from Whitetop to Damascus straight downhill, the entire way. Hoards of people ride a shuttle, get dropped of at Whitetop and ride their bikes downhill to Damascus where they are picked up and taken back to their cars. Michelle and I did not utilize the shuttle. We drove to Whitetop. Prior to lunch we rode the opposite way into North Carolina for about 2 miles until the old railroad trestles were too dilapidated to walk our bikes across. So, we rode back to the car had lunch and departed downhill towards Damascus. We road about 7 or 8 miles downhill until the trail crossed the Appalachian Trail. This bike trail is really beautiful, but when you then have to turn around and ride consistently uphill back to the car...well, it was tough on us for sure. We had to stop a few times including a stop at the trail side shop for gatorade. We did finally make it. Sunday we did a hike for a couple miles through a wild pony reserve and up to the AT and into the wilderness off the main trail until the trail started to disappear. This was also about the time that we saw what is believed to be bear fur and poop. It being spring, it was now time to turn around.
Review time...and spoiler alert...

WTH is up with the flying saucer at the end of Indiana Jones IV? I understand the aliens and the history stuff that they created these things, but for a long dormant "space ship" to up and take off? Come on. It made a decent movie...terrible.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A tiring weekend...

It was Michelle's birthday yesterday and we had hoped to go for a bike ride before she had to head out to her first night of "orientation" for her summer research position...but of course the weather did not want to cooperate so we went to see "The History Boys" at the Studio Theater in DC. Scored half price tickets by showing up 30 minutes before show time. The play was not the best I have seen at the Studio, not because of the acting, but more due to the story line. It deals with a boys boarding school in England somewhere and the fact that none of its students get in to Cambridge or Oxford. A young teacher with the explicit goal of getting these students to stand out from other students and to ultimately get into these universities is hired. His teachings begin to take the place of the older English teacher, whose teaching ways are more of an overall liberal arts way. Ultimately the students all get into Oxford/Cambridge and along the way is a bit of homosexuality and other inferred sex acts.
Saturday we had a barbecue at our house. I don't really know how many peoples showed, but I do know that we went through most of the food and beer. I also drank more than my share of beer. Kevork brought over some PG cigars and held a class for all attending. Luckily I missed watching the Yankees game because they are terrible and it would just make me mad.

All in all, a good weekend. Fast and furious, but fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Long post.

Not much has been going on lately. Same old shit. I was playing around on facebook and found a couple old friends from college, which is nice. Although, I would doubt that it results in spending any time really catching up other than a note or 2 online. I have been pretty busy at work the past few weeks, hopefully that will come back down to a normal level here shortly.
At lunch today I watched last nights episode of Lost...still got me hook, line and sinker. I have a couple story line theories that sound great when I spit them out, however I always forget to write them down and then they fly right out the window.
Here is one that I can remember...2 weeks ago, we learned that Ben or the others have been trying to get Locke on the island since he was a child. This got me to thinking about some other things that we seem to know. This centers around getting Jack on the island. Facts that we know...Jack was lured to Australia because his father had passed away and it was his duty to bring back his body to L.A. Lately, in "Jacob's" cabin, Jack's dad has been seen. I do not believe him to be dead, but alive and well and involved in the goings on of the island. If you haven't seen the "Missing Pieces" on, watch them. There is one that is very interesting and key to my theory. The one I speak of shows Jack's dad on the island with Walt's dog. In a nutshell, he is in the middle of the jungle and tells the dog to go get my then fades to the opening of the shows pilot with Jack laying unconscious on the ground and awaking...which means to me, that as I mentioned, Jack's dad is involved in the island, staged his own death to lure Jack to Australia and to return on O815. Now why would the island need Jack...well we already know that. The island (Ben) needed a spinal surgeon to try and save Ben and Jack's dad knew that no one other than his boy fit the bill....

We went to NYC last week for mother's day...spent half the day in Central Park on Saturday and then went to the Nintendo store to test out the Wii Fit. Fun stuff. On the list of things to buy. We then had dinner in mid-town and went out in Hell's Kitchen. Sunday we went to brunch with Michelle's mom and headed back to DC shortly thereafter.

So, like I said, not much happening around here...I can't wait to watch the Office from last night sometime tonight.

That's what she said.