Friday, June 12, 2009

Is this over? The blog that is?

Nah...just haven't felt like writing much lately. I have been busy at work, too busy when you think about how I thought I wouldn't have much to work on by now.

Went to LA for a long weekend about a month ago, Michelle is home for the summer, the AC repair man is fixing my AC unit (must remember to put vinegar water in the drain pipe 2x a year)...81 in the house w/ people coming over? HOT!

Going to the OBX next weekend for some time with my long lost friends.

The next step is always a block away...I need to figure out what block I want to go down.

Bought some art in LA...Nelson de la Nuez...check it out.


Vet Student M said...

Don't stop blogging, blog about your next step and career thoughts.

Mari said...

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Fred Duffler said...

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